11 Reasons To Love Natural Fabrics

Are you considering making the switch to wearing natural fabrics? Check out these amazing benefits and you’ll be 100% convinced. 


1. Less hot and sweaty

Synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester aren’t breathable so it traps heat and moisture easily. This can even make you sweat more! No thanks.

2. More Comfortable

Because natural fabrics are more breathable, they have a natural ventilation function, making them better at releasing perspiration. For example, our linen is super soft as it is enzyme treated to make sure it’s not crunchy, so it falls beautifully and is ultra comfortable. 

3. Less stinky

Synthetic fabrics trap sweat and incubate it—hence the smell. It’s like you’re wearing a little greenhouse over your skin and there’s nowhere for that aroma to escape. It can linger, even after washing. Breathable, natural fabrics avoid these smelly problems. 


4. More sustainable

Natural fabrics are typically more sustainable.  All fabrics have manufacturing processes that use resources, but natural fabrics tend to do better overall. Natural fabrics production tends to use fewer crop fertilizers, processing chemicals and energy in production. Plus if they end up in landfill (after years of wear) they are more biodegradable than synthetics. 


5. Better looking

We can all spot a polyester shirt a mile off — and it looks cheap. On the other hand, a gorgeous natural linen, cotton or bamboo oozes quality and style. 


6. Longer lifespan

Because they’re natural, clothes made from these fabrics tend to last longer, being more resistant to fading. Plus all Taleeta clothes are made to the highest quality — meaning you can enjoy them for decades to come. The cents per wear is super low! 


7. No fast fashion

Fast fashion is killing the planet. Every year, Australians buy 27 kilos of new clothing, and discard 800,000 tonnes of clothing and textiles, 90% of which ends up in landfill. Natural fabrics tend to break down faster and easier, causing less environmental damage.  


8. Better for sensitive skin

Natural fabrics being breathable and moisture wicking are inherently more comfortable to wear on your skin. So if you suffer from skin irritations, rashes, eczema or psoriasis, your skill will feel much more comfortable wearing natural fabrics. 


9. Easier to care for and clean

Because they are moisture wicking and sweat resistant, natural fabrics don’t need excessive cleaning and they tend to be hardier, withstanding years of washing and drying but better able to maintain shape, colour and strength. 


10. Less likely to stain

Natural fabrics tend to be better at repelling stains like spilled food, wine or drinks because they are naturally repellent to mould and dirt.  And when you can get the stain out, you can keep wearing it for years. Unlike synthetic fabrics that are known to easily stain, especially with oily and greasy substances. 


11. Naturally hypoallergic

Natural fabrics have excellent ventilation which makes them less likely to absorb and hold moisture—a breeding ground for germs and allergens. Man-made synthetic fabrics use extensive chemical treatment in production that can irritate the skin. 

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