We are incredibly proud to be an award winning fashion brand 

Forget the humble brag — we’re unashamedly showing off!

From Janine Leghissa, Taleeta Founder 


When I announced plans to launch my own fashion label, people said I was nuts. 

  • “Women don’t like shopping online, they want to try things on” 
  • “The market is so crowded” 
  • “Shouldn't you be slowing down at your age?” 


But then again, others said things like: 

  • “Go for it, you’ll be amazing!” 
  • “I can see your vision, I reckon there’s a market for sure” 
  • “Tell me when you launch, I want to be your first customer.” 


And all feedback is good feedback, the voice I listen to most? My own. I just knew in my bones that it would work. And I dedicated myself to making it happen. 


And yay, because Taleeta has already won and been a finalist in a few awards. 

Which is an amazing achievement for a startup. 

When I started my first business, it was four years before I won awards. 

So to win in my first year of operation feels like a huge achievement.


Startup of the Year - Gold - Stevie International Business Awards 

This award is a big deal and the judges are strict. If no entry meets the requirement for a Gold, Silver or Bronze, they don’t award the prize. So to win gold? OMG I was so excited when I found out. 

There’s more than 230 judges worldwide. To impress them all is amazing! 

The best thing about these awards is they’re international. So from all the companies, all around the world, my little business won. So happy. 


Best Entrepreneur - Silver - Stevie International Business Awards 

This is a wonderful win which makes me so proud. When I started in business I had no idea about so many things — marketing, websites, SEO, finances. I made plenty of mistakes. But I was so determined to learn everything and slowly I built my skills. 

So it’s wonderful to be recognised! 

Finalist - Australian Small Business Champion Awards (Fashion) 

I love these awards because they are specifically about small business. So I was incredibly excited for Taleeta to be a finalist in the Fashion category. Fingers crossed that in future we will go one better and win it! 

Finalist - Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards (Fashion)  

I feel sorry for the men (almost) — because these awards are exclusively for women in business. The awards recognise women business owners, and how they contribute to the economy by investing with suppliers and hiring local employees, 

So delighted to be a finalist! 

Finalist - 2023 Beam Awards - Diversity & Inclusion 

It was lovely to be a finalist in this award category as I strive to ensure our models are not airbrushed, highly glossed visions of perfection. Instead I use real, everyday women in different sizes so our customers can see the clothing on someone who actually looks realistic to their own body shape. So I was very excited to be a finalist in this category! 

Finalist - 2023 Beam Awards - Emerging Business 

There are so many amazing new businesses in the market, so it’s ultra exciting to be recognised as a finalist in the Beam Awards for Taleeta. One of my goals for Taleeta was to fast-track its success thanks to everything I’d learned with my first ecommerce jewellery business, Desiderate, so being a finalist in this category makes me feel I’ve achieved this goal. 

Finalist - 2023 AusMumpreneur Awards - Fashion 

The AusMumpreneur awards are the real deal — extremely well run, with an amazing awards ceremony, full of Australia’s best business women. So it was very exciting to be recognised as a finalist in the fashion category in just Taleeta’s first year of operation—whoo! 

Finalist - 2023 Roar Awards - Startup of the year 

Roar are the coolest business awards in Australia - with the prettiest trophies. I would love Taleeta to have a Roar Award in the trophy cabinet. So making it as a finalist in 2023 is an excellent start!