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Hot Flush Stories: Aussie Women Share Their Experiences
Janine Leghissa  

Hot Flush Horror Stories

One of the worst things about getting older? Menopause and perimenopause symptoms. Some women sail through easily while others struggle with hot flushes, night sweats, hormonal surges and more for years.  I was not one of those women. Oh, the hot flushes I suffered! They seemed to come and go with no way of predicting them. They’d leave me be for weeks, then I’d have seven in a day. It impacts so much: your friends, family, relationships, work, confidence. You feel stressed about attending parties or going out in case you get caught up in a sweat. Speaking of sweats — night sweats are the worst. I would wake up feeling like I’d had a bucket of water thrown at me. 

Christmas Day Dress - Taleeta
Janine Leghissa  

Looking for a Christmas Day dress?

Growing up, I was always encouraged (or instructed) to look nice for Christmas Day. Mum just insisted — it was the ‘done thing.’ And when I had kids, I carried on the same tradition. Even if it was just us at home, dressing up for the day made it seem extra special.  These days I still treat myself to a Christmas Day dress  I love a Christmas Day dress because:

Taleeta - women all wearing menopause clothing
Janine Leghissa  

Summer Fashion: Staying Stylish & Comfortable with Taleeta

At Taleeta, we're all about keeping you stylish, comfortable, and feeling your best - no matter how many summers you've celebrated. Our mission is to make every day a fashion adventure, and we're thrilled to share some of our favourite summer fashion ideas with you.

Taleeta - Dress - shirred Bodice
Janine Leghissa  

How to Rock a Flattering Off-Shoulder Dress

What makes an off-shoulder dress so flattering? Off-shoulder dresses have become a fashion staple in recent years and for good reason. These dresses effortlessly enhance your natural beauty and highlight your best features. By exposing your shoulders and collarbones. Off-shoulder dresses create a feminine, elegant look.

Why you need a casual jacket: Denim or linen
Janine Leghissa  

Why You Need A Casual Jacket: Denim or Linen

The beauty of the denim jacket lies in its boxy shape, which is just so wearable and versatile. But by taking that same shape and infusing it with loads of style details in linen, we've created the perfect jacket that ticks all the boxes – comfort, style, and that oh-so-wearable silhouette.

Taleeta uses real models, meet Leonie
Janine Leghissa  

Meet Leonie, our Wonderful Model

Leonie, a Perth-based grandmother of nine and education assistant in a primary school, was innocently enjoying a cocktail in the pool of her Bali resort last September, when a blonde lady approached with a bizarre request.  “Will you be my model for a clothing range I am launching? I’m desperate?” she asked.  Leonie burst into laughter. 

How to dress simply and stylishly | Taleeta
Janine Leghissa  

How To Dress Simply and Stylishly

Choosing the right colours for our fabrics is not just about getting a perfect match, it's also about creating colours that you, our customers, will love, we want our garments to make you feel confident, stylish, and comfortable, and we know that the right colours can have a powerful impact on mood and perception.

New sizes available! Women’s plus size clothing Australia|Taleeta
Janine Leghissa  

New sizes available For Taleeta

Just as the great Patrick Swayze passionately declared, "nobody puts baby in the corner!" we're here to champion fuller-figured ladies. Curves, lumps and bumps. We love them all! Forget ill-fitting clothing, oversized sacks and separate unflattering collections that do nothing for your gorgeous shape. Let us take you from the dark, dusty retail corners to centre stage with women's plus-size clothing that exudes main character energy. 

Menopause Clothing: Can It Make A Difference?
Janine Leghissa  

Menopause clothing 101: dressing for menopausal symptoms

Have you heard of menopause clothing, and is it a thing?Yes!Menopause clothing is for women suffering from symptoms and it's designed to give you the comfort and style that you want.Although the dreaded 'M' and peri affects us all differently, most would say they've had a hot flash or two and a bit of belly bloat.Unfair as it is, the symptoms generally last 5-10 years, and that's a long time to deal with it!We've put together some tips to help you.  

How to spot well made clothing - Taleeta
Janine Leghissa  

How To Spot Well Made Clothing

Well made clothing lasts longer, looks better and is better for the planet than cheap, disposable fast fashion. But how do you tell the difference? Check out our tips for how to identify well made clothing.