Comfortable, stylish and flattering clothing for women in natural fabrics.

The Taleeta promise

If you are feeling ignored by the big brand fashion labels, Taleeta is here for you. We are 

☑ Comfortable

☑ Stylish

☑ Natural

☑ Australian owned and designed 

We’re all about confidence, comfort, natural fabrics and a little bit of party.

Taleeta - Discover the new you

40+ and you’re not as young, slim and fit as you once were. You want to look great and feel great at the same time.

You’re tired of finding a lovely outfit, only to realise the skirt is too short or the waistband is too tight, or the cut or colour is wrong. Or worse — the largest size is AU12. (When the average Aussie woman is size 14-16, that’s ridiculous! )

Introducing taleeta, a new australian fashion label created specifically for you. Taleeta will give you the right size range with cuts that don’t pinch, fabrics that don’t scratch and designs that flatter — no matter what your shape.

We will provide you with clothing that is both comfy and confident-boosting so you can go and enjoy your best moments.

What Our Customers Are Saying

About Taleeta

Australian owned, we’re the sister brand of Desiderate jewellery 

Highest quality, super comfortable on-trend styles made from all-natural fabrics

Gorgeous designs for  Aussie women of all shapes and sizes

Award Winning Fashion

We've only been in business since November 2022, but we have already scooped a few awards - whoo!

When I announced plans to launch my own fashion label, people said I was nuts. 

“Women don’t like shopping online, they want to try things on” 

“The market is so crowded” 

“Shouldn't you be slowing down at your age?” 

But then again, others said things like: 

“Go for it, you’ll be amazing!” 

“I can see your vision, I reckon there’s a market for sure” 

“Tell me when you launch, I want to be your first customer.” 

And all feedback is good feedback, the voice I listen to most? My own. I just knew in my bones that it would work. And I dedicated myself to making it happen. 

And yay, because Taleeta has already won and been a finalist in a few awards. 

Which is an amazing achievement for a startup.