Menopause clothing 101: dressing for menopausal symptoms

Menopause Clothing: Can It Make A Difference?

Menopause affects all women differently, but common symptoms include hot flushes and belly bloat. With 80% of Australian women experiencing menopausal symptoms, you are definitely not alone. And most women have symptoms for 5-10 years, so it’s a long time to manage. The question is: can menopause clothing really help? 

Menopause clothing is designed for women suffering from symptoms and gives them the comfort and style they need. Follow these tips to find clothing that is best suited to help you manage unwanted menopausal symptoms. 

Breathable fabrics

Menopause clothing should be made from breathable fabrics that don’t collect moisture. Hot flushes can appear suddenly, so you want clothes that wick moisture away and don’t encourage excess sweating. Look for natural fabrics like linen, bamboo and cotton. These fabrics are hypoallergenic, lightweight and have a natural ventilation function. 

Cut for comfort 

Clothes that don’t dig, rub or cling will help you feel less sweaty and hot if you suffer from hot flushes or bloating. Look for looser sleeves, dresses with full-skirts that will hang nicely and not cling when you’re feeling hot and sweaty. At the same time you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a tent or garbage bag - you can still have a flattering cut and shape in your clothing without stretchy tight fabrics.

Drawstring pants and well-cut waists

Pants that allow you to adjust the waist give you the level of fit and control you need if you suffer from belly bloat due to menopause. Similarly, dresses and tops that skim over the belly without tight belted waists will help disguise a belly while a soft cut still flatters your shape. Avoid anything tight around your waist, often a dress or top is better off cinched in under the bustline which is often your naturally thinnest part — and avoids any uncomfortable clinginess at the stomach area.  


When a hot flush hits you, your temperature soars so you don’t want to get stuck wearing something that’s difficult to strip down. Aim for tops with layered features that skim over the tummy. Dresses with buttons that can be opened with a camisole underneath allow you to get fresh air when you need it. And look for jackets and cardigans in natural fabrics that allow you to strip down when you need to, and cover back up when symptoms ease. 

 Focus on flattering shapes

You might not be happy with your changing body, but you sure can dress to suit it. Many women find that their waistline thickens during menopause. Pay attention to the cut of clothing and look for designs that are made for 40+ women. Cuts that shape around the tummy, skimming over bloat and flattering at the right angles can make a huge difference. Elasticated waists are stretchy for comfort but make sure they don’t fold or crease, which can be annoying and uncomfortable.

Check inseams for comfort 

When you suffer menopause, your skin can be extra sensitive, so cheaper clothing can cause irritation with scratchy seams and labels. Seams should be well finished, reinforced, and laying flat on the body to reduce irritation. Avoid anything that is not fixed down that will curl and add bulk. 

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Ready to shop our range of menopause clothing? 

Hear from our founder, Janine. 

“Hi I’m Janine and I’m the founder and head designer of Taleeta. When I hit menopause I suffered from tummy bloat, weight gain and hot flushes — all of it. Having lupus as well meant my symptoms were very difficult at times. So I went looking for clothing that could accommodate me. I didn’t want to wear loose tents in thick linens — I wanted soft breathable fabrics that are well made and cut to flatter my shape. I’m short at 5”2 so I wanted clothing that gave the illusion of lengthening my torso. And I struggled to find clothing I liked. 


“So I decided to create my own range! As the founder of jewellery brand Desiderate I knew from my customer research that women felt ignored by most fashion labels. So I created Taleeta. I’ve been extremely fussy with the cut and quality, sending back sample after samples to my manufacturers to get everything exactly to my specifications. 


“I can 100% assure you that the range is the highest quality workmanship, fabrics and style. These pieces are built to last and become even more comfortable with everyday wearing and washing. But this fantastic quality doesn’t come cheap. I can’t compete with KMart’s fast fashion and ultra low prices — they are a world of difference when you compare the quality. I hope you enjoy the range as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.” 


Much love, Janine.

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